Mission & Values

Making Success Simple.

Our mission is to make financial planning simple. In light of the challenges you face today and the goals you have for tomorrow, we help you make personalized, reliable, successful investments. As seasoned independent advisors, we use practices that serve your best interests. Above all, we strive to take the mystery out of wealth management so that you understand and feel confident in every decision we make together. Envision and realize your bright financial future, with E3.

We Strive to…

  • Care for you in the way we’d want to be cared for
  • Get as excited about your dreams and goals as you are
  • Treat you like an individual (with feelings, values, and nuanced opinions), not a portfolio balance
  • Empower you to feel confident about your decisions

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E3’s Approach

Good financial planning is so much more than crunching numbers. At E3, we make sure that your portfolio is all about you by adhering to a person-centered, three-pronged philosophy.


When you seek financial guidance with E3, you’ll be advised by someone who takes the time to get to know you—your goals, your challenges, your unique circumstances. We’ll help you outline a detailed vision for your future and create a responsible, adaptable financial plan that supports it.


You don’t have to know the difference between a REIT and a UIT when you come to see us. Whether your financial background is extensive or limited, we’ll present and explain all your options in a straightforward, digestible way. No matter what, we’ll ensure that you understand and feel comfortable with your financial plan.


Our approach to financial planning is centered on the power of individual choice. Unlike many large firms, we don’t limit your options to reach our own personal sales quotas. We also understand that there’s no such thing as one best investment: what’s right for one person might not be right for another. Lastly, we take care of your money as if it was our own. We employ time-honored practices, make research-based investments, and keep a close watch on your portfolio so that it works hard for you even in the midst of the market’s ups and downs.

No hidden agendas. No risky business. Just decisions that give you complete confidence.

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