Even Tom Brady Needs a Coach

By Jennifer LaFrance

Brady/Belichick. Possibly one of the greatest partnerships in all of sports history. I’m pretty sure that #12 knows how to throw a ball on his own and can think quick on his feet but where is his strategy coming from? Who is pushing him to be greater and holding him accountable? No, it is not Giselle. It’s his coach.

Being a financial planner is like being a coach. We all know what we should be doing but will we really do it?

I love going into a gym and seeing the people that are leisurely walking on the treadmill while reading a magazine. Come on….we all know these people! I want to tap them on the shoulder and say they would be better off just reading that magazine while drinking a chocolate frappe at an ice cream shop. They wonder why they aren’t seeing any change or results. Then take a look at the person working with a personal trainer or taking a class with an instructor. Those are the people that can look in the mirror and see the hard work pay off.

I view myself as a coach to my clients. A therapist in many ways since money really is mental. My clients are educated, smart and successful individuals. They are also busy. They have great intentions and know what they SHOULD be doing but are they really doing it? Who is holding them accountable? Between car pools, running to meetings, family obligations and just the busy life we all live, saving for retirement or thinking of what if scenarios, such as premature death, just doesn’t seem to be a priority. Our clients work with us to do a financial plan and the most important part of that plan are the Action Items. These are the certain things a client needs to do to reach their goals. Left on their own, people don’t want to talk about saving money or managing to a budget. As a financial planner, I make sure that we work on each of the action items and get them checked off. We start to see progress and accomplishments.

We may not be winning multiple Super Bowls but clients feel like they are making progress. They have a job each day but my job is to take care of them. They can focus on what they do best and I will focus on what I do best; helping them to achieve their full potential. The partnership of a financial planner and a willing client has unlimited possibilities. The things that keep you up at night no longer need to be on the procrastination list. Your coach/financial planner/partner can help you make these things a reality. Whether it’s saving for a summer home or retiring by 60, everyone needs a coach.

People often ask me if the threat of Robo Advisors makes me nervous. Not one bit. Do you think Belichick was nervous when the Madden video games took off? Nothing will replace a great relationship where someone pushes you to be better than you thought you could be. Let me help you. It may be a bit tougher but we will get results. I’m just like Belichick…minus the hoodie and grumpiness.