Turn your retirement savings into an income.

As a retired person, you make important decisions about your money all the time. In addition to balancing financial responsibilities and expenses daily, you must consider how to steward your savings, leave wealth to loved ones, and prepare for life’s unknowns—among other things.

E3 can help you navigate these decisions. Together, we’ll work toward a financial plan that puts your money to work for you in an effort to generate a healthy income well into retirement. Above all, we will help you achieve financial stability so that you can enjoy a secure, flexible retired lifestyle.

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Well-managed finances can transform your retirement. E3 can help you:

  • Create income from savings
  • Leave money to loved ones
  • Manage tax planning
  • Give to charities and loved ones in a tax-advantaged way
  • Be financially prepared for aging-related challenges (i.e. healthcare)
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a healthy budget

E3’s approach

Our objective for retirement-focused financial planning is to empower you to lead a happy, healthy life. Our approach encompasses the following strategies:

  1. Generate retirement paychecks. Your savings should be generating a steady income. We work with you to help make investments that pay off.
  2. Maximize Social Security strategies. Now is the time to reap the benefits social security contributions. We strive to make sure you maximize your checks.
  3. Identify appropriate income solutions. Alternative sources of income, such as leasing real estate or selling a business might be right for you. We’ll take the time to evaluate your options and provide well-researched advice.
  4. Insurance review. We will help make sure that you’re covered for whatever life presents.
  5. Ongoing portfolio management. We’ll keep a close eye on your portfolio in an effort to keep it strong as the market fluctuates.

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